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Meatspace Press is a publishing project co-founded by Mark Graham and Joe Shaw. The name comes from the cyberpunk slang for the opposite of cyberspace: real life. In practice, we believe in no such binaries. The digital is material; real life is digital; and everything is meatspace.

The project came about as a way to communicate and distribute ideas related to our research to broader audiences. A lot of academic research remains behind a wall of dense text and closed journals, that are rarely going to connect to people beyond university circles. With that in mind, we started with the classic format of the pamphlet and a Do-It-Yourself ethic; and so far we have published two short pamphlets on themes of digital technology, labour and society (see: Publications). In 2019 we published our first full-sized book project: How to Run a City Like Amazon, and Other Fables.

Added April 24, 2020