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What is an Individual Human Being prior to “identity registration” in Society? What is the data administration framework of default participation in Society today?

Society is an Agreement. It is made by and between Individuals. Within any Society, Individuals have an established Right to an “identity”, and to all of the benefits and responsibilities of some form of “Nationally Sovereign Structure” of governance and administration. Sovereign Source Authority (SSA) refers to the actual default design parameter of Human identity, prior to the “registration” process used to inaugurate participation in Society.

Currently, the administrative act of “registering new (baby) identities” eliminates SSA and replaces this default structural data model with a National administrative point of origin. There is a natural conflict inherent in this approach to data administration via identity. The act of “registration” implies that an administration process controlled by Society is required for “identity” to exist. This approach contrives Society as the owner of “identity”, and the Individual as the outcome of socio-economic administration. This violates common-sense and the nature of Human Rights. It also cements the model that default administrative participation within a data-driven socio-economic ecosystem is as an ID-slave with granted Rights. In any given identity-centric deployment of opportunity, this yields an untenable relationship between an Individual Human and the opportunity to possess data relational to a given Individual identity.

The Constitution of Humanity, would certainly be written on sacred material stored in the most powerful structure possible. Everything that Humanity wants to be and become is represented at birth by each of us as Individuals. Declaring a national sovereign structure for identity at birth inherently denies a basic Human Right to the Individual; the Right to self-declare participatory structure and authority. Government is not formed to manage this process, but to be managed by this process. The structure and origin of administrative identity is the control parameter of freedom and Rights in a socio-economic system. Our current model defies the stated objectives of our founding documents.

Indeed, we may use John Hancock as the identity muse for our structure as a Society: citizenship should not produce a data model via identity administration that directly harms the ability of any person to participate in our free Society. Of utmost importance, identity administration frameworks should entice actions which produce relational data effects that are aimed at restoring credibility and functional integrity of the governing system used in our temporal advancement as a Society of free Individuals.

Currently, under the administrative framework of identity management as it relates to citizenship and default legal participation in our American Society, each of us are construed as data under management. This data model and identity structure makes each of us the dogs of our government, rather than our government being construed as man’s best friend. Identity structure defines this outcome, as relational data is not under the managerial control of Individual citizens, and lacks integrity of use within a Society that contrives the data structure of Individual participation as a commodity to be preyed upon.

Society is a choice. Participation is a choice. The alternative is Individual resilience. The sprawl of Society and regulation of your activities as a “non-Society participant” are a different matter, defined on a per Society basis. As a choice, Society is opt-in by data-structure.
Administration systems do not give us “identity”. Individuals use their IDentity to administer Society. The structure of the initial exchange of actual value is the structure of socio-economic intent. Free-society thinkers can express this structure in absolute Terms. Ownership-society thinkers can universally distribute their private ownership philosophy and practices in predictable systemic Terms. In fact, our ideas concerning what “Society” is and could be are all up for debate and declaration. But in every regard, the structure of identity speaks to the managerial intent of Society.

SSA is no less than a complete-overhaul of modern Society via the structure of data administration and the possession of operational Rights by free Individuals within Society. This will be the focus of my proposal for funding via the NSTIC federal funding opportunity. I remain open to collaboration.

The opportunity to reconfigure the default data administration model used in managing identity in Society does not require permission. In fact, I am not sure it can be stopped really. That is simultaneously why NSTIC should fund this concept of identity, and why it does not matter if they do not. The evolution of Society requires SSA, and data infrastructure will be driven to this outcome by Individuals in due time. The opportunity is to speed up this process, to be conscious about the structure of freedom and Human Rights within a data-driven administration framework used by Society to successfully grow itself.

That said, I am sensitive to the pursuit of this FFO; it requires an enlightened process of socio-economic management to restructure Society via identity in such a way as to place SSA under the control of Individuals. While I love and respect my country, I am not naive about the nature of its current governing bureaucracy and administrative intent. So a warning is appropriate; SSA is not something that can be stopped because of what it is. But the choice of where it comes to be is something that can be controlled. America would be wise to bring it into existence in the world yesterday.

My short answer to the original question… What is “Sovereign Source Authority”?:

SSA = a 5th Amendment ID – a non-incriminating construct.

SSA = John Hancock – a perfectly accountable legal construct.
These are the North and South poles of a Human data administration system. This is a self-sustaining resilient archetype of Human identity. A non-incriminating identity with perfectly accountable legal structure produces managerial intent in-line with the founding documents of freedom and opportunity in America.
The result is a Society with constructive integrity by choice across an infinite data-spectrum.
Added January 7, 2021