Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


After the successful Ethereum crowdfunding campaign, musician and web developer Peter Harris saw a path to creating a fair, decentralized music streaming platform. Out of that Resonate was born. Peter joined us to discuss why the dysfunctional structure of the music industry results in a bad deal for musicians and why a decentralized platform supported by blockchain technology and run as a cooperative represents a better way forward.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • How technology changed the ability of musician’s to make money
  • Why streaming platforms don’t compensate musicians fairly
  • The story of how Peter came to found resonate
  • Why Stream-to-Own is a better way to compensate artists
  • Why Resonate chose to build on BigchainDB
  • The benefits of the cooperative structure for decentralized platforms
  • The Resonate crowd-owning campaign
Added October 11, 2019