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We are developing software for transitioning to the next economy.
Not this economy, the next economy.

The core development team (aka “Bob and Lynn”) lives among the woods and small farms of rural southwest Wisconsin, USA. We don’t have much cell phone coverage, but we do have very good internet! We are helped by a few others located around the world.

The networks who use the software also help us create it. For example, the Value Network Software (NRP) was designed by Sensorica as much as the programmers.

We are trying to use the skills we have to respond to the times we find ourselves in, with crises in the economy, climate change, and peak resources.

There are lots of experiments going on all over to address the problems we all see. We want to help groups of people who are trying out alternate economic forms that are more fair. These economic groups tend to be networks, or at least they want to network with other similar groups.

They also usually need some operational infrastructure to make their work more productive, and existing software options don’t really work well for these groups. We think we can help out.

We have quite a few decades of software development experience, in all kinds of industries, but especially in manufacturing supply chains. Supply chains, in fact, are economic networks. They are just not yet next-economy networks.

Added May 1, 2020