Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


General Startup Resource (outside the co-op realm):

Lean Canvas (a mashup of the business model canvas and lean start-up)

Our step-by-step playbooks show you how to go from idea to product/market fit without wasting needless time, money, and effort. Unlike a book that is hard to change once published, these playbooks continually evolve to reflect the latest techniques that work. These playbooks have already been deployed across numerous enterprises, accelerators, and universities who use them as their standard innovation/accelerator curriculum.

“Where did these playbooks come from and who’s using it?”

These playbooks were created by Ash Maurya, author of 2 best-selling books and the creator of the Lean Canvas. It synthesizes learning across hundreds of workshops and bootcamps with startup and corporate teams building products spanning a broad spectrum of domains ranging banking to software.

Added April 23, 2020