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As economies globalize, issues such as widening disparities in wealth and social isolations are common issue across the world.

As co-operatives, which are autonomous associations of persons to support one another, we can contribute to Japanese society by tackling those issues to engage in “creating better life and work in sustainable local communities”.

In Japan, co-operatives operate in diverse areas including agriculture, forestry and fisheries, retail, finance, mutual aid, employment creation, welfare, medical care, travel, and housing, with a total membership of 65 million. Through the cross-industry collaborations, we have also contributed society as a whole with a lot of activities such as nature conservation activities, job creation, and providing places for children.

The Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA) will consolidate capacities of co-operatives across Japan and facilitate collaborations between co-operatives with the aim of solving social issues.

We invite you to follow our progress to see what the JCA can achieve.

Added May 13, 2020