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While global music streaming promised to be an accessible distribution channel with almost unlimited global reach, the average song play nets an artist less than 0.005 cents. One million streams generates between $700 and $7000 on various platforms. Streaming has also rendered physical product and digital downloads obsolete, decimating key recording revenue streams.

The sad truth is… the average unsigned Australian musician earns less than $8,000 a year from their music practice, and it’s hitting our artists hard. Mental health issues in the music industry are significant, and one of the main causes cited is financial insecurity.

While the net worth of the CEOs of global streaming services can reach into the billions, independent Australian artists are struggling to survive, and we want to change that.

It’s vital that the business model of music streaming be redesigned to create viability and sustainability in the independent music industry – so that the wonderful local musicians that you know and love can afford to keep dedicating themselves to their craft.

Added November 11, 2021