Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Having spent a day here in New York City discussing the idea of platform cooperatives, the conversation shifted this evening with a showcase of nine actual cooperative organizations and technologies.

What rules should we change? The first thing to change is that the people with the most money should get the most money out of something, even if they’re not putting labor into something. The next rule to change is the idea that money equals power, where people who invest the most have the greatest power in the company, even though they’re not part of the company. An alternative would be that money doesn’t buy profits and power. That’s the only way, she says that we can change this wider issue of inequality.

In cooperatives, surplus goes back to people based on how much they work. Cooperatives typically give one person one vote, so money doesn’t equate to power. “Old school” companies typically give workers as little as they can get away with, while worker owned companies give to employees from the surplus.

Added October 11, 2019