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People in the Canadian Prairies, or the western part of the country, are known to have an attachment to their cars. That’s understandable for anyone who has spent time in the region’s cities. Take Winnipeg, for example. Thanks to its multicultural vibrancy, edgy theater and film scene, and world-class museums, it’s elbowing its way onto Canadian travel itineraries. Young professionals from around the country and the world are setting up shop in large numbers.

However, the city isn’t pedestrian-friendly. A pedestrian or cyclist who wants to get from Assiniboia in the west to St. Boniface in the east will wind up covering over 40 kilometers (approximately 25 miles). Mass transit is sporadic and centered around the downtown core. Until recently, people who arrived in town without a car were out of luck.

However, one Winnipeg car-sharing startup is beginning to not only improve accessibility for locals and visitors, but it’s doing so innovatively — with help from the city government and housing cooperatives in the area.

Added May 5, 2020