Platform Cooperativism Resource Library

The Resource Library is a place where you can learn and share knowledge about co-ops, platform co-ops, the digital economy, and more.

Who this is for

The Resource Library is for anyone and everyone who is interested in platform cooperativism, from co-op member owners and other practitioners on the ground, to researchers and academics who are studying platform cooperativism.

Who curates this

The library is curated by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium. However, we’re working towards making this a more open library where anyone can contribute and add resources. Until we build that capability, please let us know if there are any missing resources or important topics by emailing us.

How this was built

The Resource Library was built in partnership by the Platform Cooperative Consortium, the Inclusive Design Research Centre, and a group of co-designers we’ve continually engaged throughout the design process to solicit feedback, gather ideas, and check our assumptions.

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