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A successful customer service culture, a corporate culture that supports customers in a sustainable manner, depends on creating an air of ownership in every employee–a palpable customer service “ownership” aura. Here’s how to get there.

As a customer walking into a very small shop, you can often tell intuitively who the owner, the managing partner, the person in charge is. It’s not about their age, or what they’re wearing. It’s the way the owner exudes attentiveness–to employees, to processes, to details, and, of course, to customers; it’s their uncanny peripheral vision and hearing for everything that’s going on around them; it’s their “I’m everywhere at once but in a good way” aura.

And if an operation is very, very small, and centered on the skills of one person (the shop my tailor operates, for example), it may be enough to have one person like that. Or perhaps two: the artisan and the manager.

Added May 14, 2020