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Effective management unlocks talent and distributes leadership, increases job satisfaction, and cultivates collaboration in the workplace. The School for Democratic Management gives you tools you can use right away to build the culture that your company needs. Democratic management is committed to high levels of participation, not as an option but an imperative.

Our School is unique in the field of management training; instructors are current and former managers of successful companies with employee ownership. We work closely with them to identify key lessons for actualizing company values.

The School for Democratic Management helps managers build the strong participatory ownership culture that an agile, people-centered business needs through our Democratic Management Skills Check-Ups, What Works Webinar Series, and intensive Crash Courses.

We formed the School to help new and experienced managers of businesses with employee ownership and democratic practices understand what they need to know to develop and boost their management skills. We are doing just that.

Added April 10, 2020