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Proposal No. 4 is a proposal we received from two of our stockholders, James McRitchie (lead filer) and Steffen Sauerteig (co-filer). If Messrs. McRitchie or Sauerteig, the proponents of this proposal, or their representatives who are qualified under state law, are present at our Annual Meeting and submit the proposal for a vote, then the proposal will be voted upon. Proposal No. 4, including supporting statements, is included exactly as submitted to us by Messrs. McRitchie and Sauerteig, the proponents of the proposal. The board of directors’ recommendation on the proposal is presented in our statement of opposition to the proposal. We will promptly provide you with the address, and, to our knowledge, the number of voting securities held by Messrs. McRitchie and Sauerteig, the proponents of Proposal No. 4, upon receiving a written or oral request directed to: Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, California 94103, Attention: Investor Relations.

Added May 5, 2020