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Graduating Cohort Invited to San Francisco; Will be Featured in Three Conferences

“ is the first accelerator specifically designed to support scalable co-ops and the growing cooperative platform community— businesses owned jointly by members who share in the profits and benefits,” said Greg Brodsky,’s founder and director. “In the last few months, our inaugural cohort of teams made great strides in advancing their businesses and validated our accelerator model, too. We’re excited to shine the spotlight on this new generation of scalable, tech-based co-ops and share the insights, successes, and lessons learned from our first accelerator cohort.” participants completed an intense, 10-week, cohort-based program where they gained access to training, mentors, and strategic tools to help transform and scale their cooperatively owned businesses. With its cohort-based approach, the program helped the startups learn from each other, test their business models, and grow more quickly.

Added October 11, 2019