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How can we scale up the cooperative movement without losing our cooperative values?

This is the introduction to the e-book “Scaling Up the Cooperative Movement” published in partnership with the Grassroots Economic Organizing. The Democracy Collaborative’s senior research associate Thomas Hanna is a contributing editor of the e-book and the author of this introduction. The e-book is available for free here.

There has, therefore, never been a better time in recent history for activists, organizers, practitioners, and scholars to present and discuss alternatives to the current system as well as the challenges facing the cooperative movement as it considers its role in such potential alternatives. This book Scaling Up the Cooperative Movement is a contribution to the ongoing discussion. The included articles are part of an online theme that was originally compiled by Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO). The whole series can be found on the GEO website. Several of the articles were published elsewhere prior to their appearance in the GEO series and this book.

Added February 11, 2020