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Sabine Kock & Lisa Pointner (Smart Austria) at Who Owns the World Conference, convened by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School in November 2019. Sabine and Lisa are guest speakers for Global Movement Updates. We are proud to present an overview of activities in several countries. We will hear about successes and failures, too. In quick succession, presenters will offer you a global overview. We’ll go around the world in 90 minutes.

Dr. Sabine Kock is founder and manager of the smart coop, Austria. As a cultural researcher, she works on new solutions for the future of work and social security. She is also a philosopher who focuses on the research fields of aesthetics, discourse of remembrance, gender & diversity.

Lisa Pointner is the internal legal advisor of the cooperative Smart in Austria. She focuses on finding solutions regarding social security and taxation issues in the autonomous workers sector. Lisa studied Law at the University of Vienna and specialized in copyright and artist contracts. From 2009 – while still a student – she founded InTension Music, a music publishing house and an artist management agency. Since 2014, she is also part of the project SmartAt Mobility – an online platform and counceling center to inform artists who work trans-nationally in various legal fields. Lisa works as an advisor and editor of the website

Added April 21, 2020