Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


In speaking with Neal Gorenflo of Shareable a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I could treat the whole process as a commons project, sharing progress with the community along the way — not just a one-way communication via this monthly column, but also leverage sharing tools for open collaboration with the Shareable community. There are several challenges I am facing already, and surely many more to come, where the wisdom of the Shareable crowd could be super-valuable for me, but would also lead to a collective effort with information on the process which would be offered to the community so that anyone else seeking to start an accelerator in their own city could leverage it for their own use.

So, here we go. In less than a month since my first post, a lot has happened — most of it very positive. Aside from the feedback and inquiries received and referenced above, we have started to make some great traction here in Barcelona

Added October 11, 2019