Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Montreal-based Radish Cooperative has disrupted the food delivery market with its cooperative approach. Restaurants, couriers, and customers are all members, ensuring quality and efficiency. They built a cloud-native platform on Microsoft Azure services, handling various workloads like invoicing and courier dispatching. Azure’s scalability and flexibility have been vital to Radish’s success. They also use Azure services like Custom Vision for ID verification and Azure Notification Hubs for order notifications. Radish credits Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub for its success, gaining Azure credits and expert guidance. They focus on environmental and social governance, promoting eco-friendly delivery and reducing food waste. Integrated data analysis helps restaurants improve operations, and Radish’s cooperative network has supported restaurants during economic challenges. They prioritize efficiency and environmental sustainability, making multiple deliveries per hour while couriers earn more and waste less gas.

Added October 16, 2023