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Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Startups for the 99% details the implications of the post-capitalist society on entrepreneurship around the globe, and it challenges many of our underlying assumptions about how entrepreneurs form startups and the objectives and roles, or lack thereof, of startup investors in a post-capitalist society. The author explores real emerging stories about different forms of post-capitalist entrepreneurship (PCE) with chapters dedicated to subjects such as platform cooperatives, alternative currencies (local, crypto, and time banking), and the emergence of blockchain-enabled Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

This book will help aspiring and current entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers to:

  • Understand emerging trends in new forms of economic activity that will shape the future of entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Discover new approaches to business modeling in the post venture-capital opportunity space
  • Embrace Lean startup and collaborative startup approaches that can accelerate startups in these new markets
  • Recognize new spaces and avoid being disintermediated by new forms of startups and financing
  • Know why and how local governments should reshape entrepreneurship policy to support post-capitalist entrepreneurship for the 99%
Added October 11, 2019