Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Based on discussions on cooperatives, capitalism and platform cooperatives, the article analyzes the presentation texts of initiatives in the communication area present on the Platform.Coop website, a world reference in platform cooperatives, with the aim of understanding what values ​​and worldviews foster, with their reach and limits, showing clues as to how they understand cooperative work and work in the area of ​​communication. The research, then, points out the contradictions in the statements of the initiatives of platform cooperativism, involving adjustments to the prescriptions of the capitalist mode of production. From discussions on the world of work in the area of ​​communication, between individualization and collective forms of organization, the paper also aims to understand theoretically cooperative issues, especially in the area of ​​communication, platform capitalism and platform cooperativism. 

Keywords: Cooperativism; Platform; Labor; Communication

Added May 15, 2020