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The article reflects on the author’s experiences and observations after moving to the Basque Country, specifically the Mondragón Valley, from Colombia 22 years prior. The region is highlighted for its tight-knit community and as the birthplace of the Mondragon Cooperative Movement, which offers an alternative to traditional capitalist economic systems. The movement started post-WWII, initiated by the priest Arizmendiarrieta, who advocated for solidarity, mutual work, and retributive balance.

The Mondragon cooperatives adhere strictly to corporate and cooperative principles, growing from a local network to a global ecosystem with various facilities and sectors. Despite its achievements, future challenges remain, especially in maintaining cooperative values in a changing world. The article also discusses the potential of integrating platform cooperatives, which combine digital platforms with cooperative principles, and the author’s research plan for the upcoming fellowship program.

Added September 26, 2023