Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Cosy AI is a cooperative project aiming to create a trustworthy framework for AI ownership, development, and use. It draws on the platform co-op movement, uniting various partners committed to cooperatively managing AI technologies. Its objectives include establishing common standards for safe AI development, providing access to secure AI tools, and forming a digital safe space to protect against AI-related threats like misinformation and data misuse. A key initiative is the CosyAI Suite, a collection of co-op-owned, safety-standard-compliant AI tools. While not at the forefront of AI research, Cosy AI focuses on applications, aiming to build data centers for data pooling and offering tools prioritizing ownership and data security. The project, led by Felix Weth, encourages democratic ownership models in AI, contrasting with the concentrated power structures in big corporations, and seeks wider involvement through international conferences and collaborations.

Added December 28, 2023