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Osamu Nakano (Japan Co-operative Alliance) at Who Owns the World Conference, convened by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School in November 2019. Osamu is a guest speaker for Global Movement Updates. We are proud to present an overview of activities in several countries. We will hear about successes and failures, too. In quick succession, presenters will offer you a global overview. We’ll go around the world in 90 minutes.

Osamu Nakano is the Director of International Relations at Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU), a position he has held since July 2017. He concurrently serves as a board member of JWCU. He is also working as an active staff of the Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA), an apex organization of all cooperative sectors in Japan. He further serves as a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo, and an advisor of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy. Osamu is playing a key role in developing platform cooperative movements in Japan by connecting various stakeholders such as worker cooperatives, other cooperative sectors, labor unions, scholars/activists and so forth. He is an organizer of the symposium entitled “What is platform cooperativism?”, which was held in Japan on September 21st 2019, and in which Trebor Scholz delivered a keynote speech, introducing the concept of “platform cooperativism” into Japan for the first time.

Added April 21, 2020