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The tasks on the table after formulating a rigorous critique on the current banking and finance system are plentiful. The question is not what can be done, but where do we start? Financial activism today goes beyond calls for laws, regulations and institutional oversight. Different alternative practices are unfolding, ranging from networking initiatives, ethical banking, speculative hacks in high finance trading, and hands-on grass roots solutions. Although there are a variety of alternatives for new monetary exchange, they all seem to run into similar challenges. Amongst which is the challenge of how to engineer social political concerns into these new systems of exchange and what kind of social frameworks do these new systems produce? What are the power dynamics surrounding these different practices of dissent? What counter-narrative is produced in these first steps towards alternative monetary systems, and what do these alternative models have in common?

Speakers: Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, Enric Duran, Rachel O’Dwyer, Baruch Gottlieb & Dmytri Kleiner
Moderator: Brett Scott

Added October 11, 2019