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Unless technologies are explicitly designed to reduce inequality, they wind up exacerbating it. Reflections on Yochai Benkler’s closing remarks at Ouishare.

Making a living from open source hardware meant I was participating in an international network of people who freely shared their “intellectual property” with each other, growing a common resource of benefit to everyone. My peers included a 1970s Californian performance artist, a 12-year-old in a small Spanish town looking for mental stimulation, and a Russian engineer who remixed my ideas and returned them to the Internet extended and improved.

This socio-economic reality was beyond the imagination of Hayek, Keynes, Marx or Smith. As I started to grapple with this void, Yochai Benkler was the first academic to fill in the blank space. Yochai gave a name to the work I was doing: commons-oriented peer production

Added October 11, 2019