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Ludovica Rogers at Who Owns the World Conference, convened by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School in November 2019. Rogers is a speaker for the Town Hall 1 – The Capital Conundrum panel discussion.

About This Town Hall
Without access to real capital, the cooperative digital economy cannot thrive. Platform co-ops around the world struggle to access start-up funding given that traditional venture capital is not appropriate for these enterprises. Various groups have received foundation funding. British cooperators are using the Community Shares Model, which allows them to benefit from tax incentives for startups. Adapting the Mondragon process, cities like Cleveland (US) and Preston (UK) follow an ecosystem approach to launching and funding worker cooperatives. Yet others explore ways of creating “user trusts” to democratize the Internet. Learn about diverse financial instruments and strategies that can help groups to launch an upstart without venture capital. Together with the International Cooperative Alliance, philanthropists, and communities worldwide, we need to urgently take bold steps to meet these challenges

Ludovica Rogers is the program manager for new co-op ventures at Co-operatives UK, where she is developing a support program for the platform co-operative sector in the UK. She is also an architect, process designer and activist and her personal work and research focus on the overlaps between the commons, tech and finance.

Added April 17, 2020