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Kerala Startup Mission played the pivotal role in development, orchestrating every piece of a vibrant Startup ecosystem. Startups in Kerala are stretching their limits as they focus more on to future technologies and finding solutions for problems in ways not experimented before. We have seen entrepreneurs from Kerala also shining in the limelight of success in international forums. Success stories are written in sectors other than Software and IT also. Kerala technology startup policy 2014 has been implemented and that in turn leads to more proactive measures in the new State IT policy 2017.

Kerala towards the end of this decade is witnessing a wave of innovative and entrepreneurial efforts from discrete sectors. The startup ecosystem is well equipped to mark the next quantum leap. Every block an entrepreneurial ecosystem needs is falling in place. Kerala possess a unique model of connecting academics, industries, R&D institutions and startups, apart from other Startup Ecosystems in the country. The Ecosystem is prioritized in such a way that it caters technologies to create developmental interventions for community. Creating a DIY culture at schools stimulates grass root level impact, which further on gets handhold by Mini FAB labs and IEDCs at colleges thereby resulting in having passion to create entrepreneurs and innovators adapt with latest technologies and unicorns at home.

The entrepreneurial wave witnessed in the state need to be showcased, as it can provide valuable insights to the stakeholders of the Ecosystem. Few States in this country has such a strong network of Schools, Colleges, Incubators, Research centers, Government institutions and Startups aligned and interlinked together to bring out success stories. Kerala has always been a land of high literacy rates, skilled labours and exceptional health records. Now it’s becoming an excellent host and enabler for world-class entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and startups.

Added May 13, 2020