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Hotels should look to lower their carbon footprint, and protect the ecology.

Tourists often ignore, or don’t realise, the impact they leave on the environment and local community of their destinations — like, for example, how the plastic bottles and earbuds they throw away choke marine life or pollute the soil as they take up to 400 years to decompose. But things may be changing for the better: more millennials are opting for ‘greener’ holidays, and many resorts, homestays and hotels across the country from Gir and Bandhavgarh to Andamans and Kerala are working to build a conscious client base., an ethical homesharing platform, is contemplating entering India to promote similar tourism here. “India is a big market and a country rich in culture and art, something that would definitely appeal to the kind of sustainability conscious traveller we speak to and we are considering India as a viable country to come to,” said Emanuele Dal Carlo, founder of Fairbnb.

Added April 20, 2020