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The FairShares Association have published some social auditing, participation and governance tools that are available on an open access basis.

There are seven auditing and diagnostic tools that help practitioners to develop an approach based on the FairShares Model:

  • Initial Social Audit, Initial Participation Audit, Initial Governance Audit, Social Enterprise Survey, Advanced Management Diagnostics, Advanced Wealth Audit, Advanced Participation Diagnostics, and Advanced Governance Diagnostics
  • These enable supporters and members to undertake initial social audits of their enterprises, then progress to more detailed investigations of social enterprise values, workforce/member participation, and governance ideology. The diagnostic tools are underpinned by ‘internationally excellent’ award winning research by Dr Rory Ridley-Duff (Reader in Co-operative and Social Enterprise, Sheffield Hallam University), Cliff Southcome (MD of Social Enterprise Europe), and Tracey Coule (Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University). We would also like to acknowledge the financial and academic support of Mike Bull, at Manchester Metropolitan University, and a partnership with Alistair Ponton at Viewpoint Research CIC that was important in the development of the Workforce Participation Diagnostics.
Added October 11, 2019