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Édith Darin and Arthur Hay at Who Owns the World Conference, convened by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School in November 2019. Darin and Hay are guest speakers for the Platform Co-ops & the Green New Deal panel discussion. No issue is more pressing than the climate crisis! Digital technologies can either help ameliorate this crisis or they can worsen it. Can co-ops be an alternative to extractive capitalism that refuses to acknowledge the impending catastrophe? How do we democratize the digital economy in the time of the Green New Deal?

Together with Arthur Hay, Edith Darin is representing the association CoopCycle. CoopCycle’s core mission is to build a European network of local bike delivery co-ops to fight the worsening working conditions of precarious riders. How can we create an alternative ecosystem for bike delivery that would give the couriers decision making power?

CoopCycle supports local delivery activities with various services including the development of a digital platform, tailored insurance coverage, information about market prospects, and legal expertise about the rights of workers. But that’s not all! CoopCycle also offers co-ops all over Europe with a space to share their knowledge and experiences.

Added April 16, 2020