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Dmytri Kleiner talks about exvestment, CounterAntiDisIntermediation and much more at Procomuns Barcelona. The following is extracted from an in-depth essay on the event:

“The creator of, arguably, the first CopyFair License (the Peer Production License), Dmytri Kleiner from Telekommunisten, explained that the internet was “born disintermediated”, but that these types of peer-to-peer value dynamics were not tolerable to the vested interests who created Web 2.0 and the centralization of data. Against the subsequent anti-disintermediation, he calls for…wait for it…“CounterAntiDisintermediation” (at this point the simultaneous translator simply gave up), explaining that we can’t possibly scale commons-based platforms unless they’re truly end-to-end. Theorizing that “every mode of production is happening at the same time”, Kleiner also unpacked concepts such as Venture Communism and the Venture Commune, Technological Disobedience, Counterpolitics and Transvestment.”

Added October 11, 2019