Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Covering everything you need to understand and do to plan and launch a successful community share issue.

What you’ll learn:

    • – Why community shares work the way they do

– Using your networks to amplify your campaign reach
– Which legal structures work for community share issues
– How to write a compelling share offer document
– How to build a business plan that gives you confidence
– Best practice for planning a successful share offer campaign
– Details about different tax reliefs and how they incentivise investors
– Tips for making a great video to capture people’s imaginations
– To project your finances and plan how you’ll reward investors
– The pros and cons of different platforms for your offer
– Making a great video to support your campaign
– All the nitty gritty on tax relief and share certificates
– The best ways to engage potential investors before you launch your offer
– What happens once you hit your target

Added May 13, 2020