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Traditional worker-owned cooperatives in the Boston area will remodel your home, fix your bicycle, or even dispose of your commercial waste. Now, a new contender in Somerville will repair your computer or configure your network following the same model. Unlike a typical business, Boston TechCollective is run democratically, by employees who are also stakeholders — so there’s no boss, a rarity in the regimented world of tech support. “Here, we’re collaborating,” said cofounder Yochai Gal, 31, who founded a similar organization, also called TechCollective but financially distinct, in San Francisco in 2007. Here in the shop near Davis Square, some of the five co-owners root out computer viruses, recover data, and diagnose dire computer problems. Others are out in the field, visiting client businesses on site to troubleshoot errors and perform network maintenance.

Added October 11, 2019