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Hi, this is Peter Zeitz, research fellow on the 0x core team. Formerly, I was an assistant professor of economics at the National University of Singapore Business School and prior to that a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford, where I arrived after earning an Economics PhD from UCLA. I have been interested in crypto for a long time. I first learned about Bitcoin during my time at Stanford in April 2011. This very quickly led to the purchase of some GPUs and the creation of a small Bitcoin mining node from my San Francisco apartment, which, as I later discovered, was less than a block away from Ross Ulbricht’s alleged Silk Road command center. Anyways, having lingered in this space for a long time as a hobbyist, I was very excited by an opportunity to pursue my interest full time as a governance researcher at 0x. Upon arriving, I quickly learned that the talent and set of personalities assembled here are pretty awesome.

Added May 13, 2020