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The EESC supports the activities proposed by the European Commission to develop a European Blockchain Partnership, starting with the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

The EESC would encourage the institutions to facilitate the involvement of civil society organisations in the Observatory and European Blockchain Partnership, as, clearly, the successful development of blockchain and the new digital infrastructures does not only come down to IT, but involves a fully-fledged process of disruptive social innovation.

The EESC considers that the practical applications of blockchain technologies can significantly improve the performance of social economy organisations, benefiting them, their members and, above all, their end users.

Lastly, the EESC believes that real involvement of social economy and civil society organisations is imperative to ensure that the huge opportunities offered by the new technologies are geared towards delivering benefits, access, transparency and participation for all, and not just for a new “digital economy elite”.

For more information please contact the INT Section Secretariat

Added April 24, 2020