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An Autonomous Institution under Government of Kerala.

The Agricultural Co-operative Staff Training Institute (ACSTI) tracks the most modern developments in the co-operative structure and consequently assists the co-operatives by formulating new training programmes. It mainly focuses on conducting training programmes related to Organisation Development, Banking Operations, Human Resources Development, Business Development Planning, Branch Management, Financial and Investment Management, Induction, IT/Computer, Asset Liability Management, Loaning Operations and Good Governance so as to assist the Directors and employees of the three tiers cooperative credit structure comprising Kerala State Co-operative Bank (KSCB), District Co- operative Banks (DCBs) and Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies (PACS).

ACSTI conducts around 80 programmes in a year. Connecting it with the field realities ACSTI provides solutions to operational problems faced by the co-operative banks. The training programmes are created in such a way that it meets the present day challenges and issues. The Standing Committee and the syllabus committee of the Institute thoroughly review the training programmes.

Added May 13, 2020