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A spreadsheet for people “to share an initiative, best practice, support measure, fund, event, etc. to support social economy, communities and civil society in the fight against the Corona virus”. 

Code for NL – Corona Working group Code for NL the Dutch network of developers and designers who work together on an open and honest digital government and society. NL Coronavirus COVID 19 initiatieves of Code for all organizations Code for All is an international network of 19 organizations supporting each other to empower citizens to meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.

What can the Social Economy do to stop the Coronavirus? article ES

P2PF WIKI Commons-oriented, P2P-driven, open source initiatives to help combat the outbreak of Covid-19 Article on technical issues developing medical equipement blogpost with solutions, ideas, shared practices SocEnt in DE

Added April 23, 2020