Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Sustainable Economies Law Center provides essential legal resources to support the transition to more just and resilient local economies. Whether you are looking for legal research on securities law or model bylaws for your worker cooperative, you’ll find unique resources here to help you launch your project for community resilience or make the case for a more just and sustainable world.

Disclaimer: The contents of these manuals should not be relied on as legal advice. Also, some of this information could become outdated, and laws vary from place-to-place. Furthermore, although we tried to collect accurate information and give laws our best interpretation, some information in these booklets could even turn out to be incorrect or subject to other interpretations by courts or regulators! We sure hope that’s not the case, but what can we say? Law is complicated stuff! That’s why we strongly recommend that you consult an attorney before using this information to form or operate a cooperative!

Added October 11, 2019