Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


KEYWORDS: civil society self-organizing, sharing, on demand economy, regulation, hybrid modelling

ABSTRACT: The paper proposes three ‘non-conventional’ patterns to model using System Dynamics: (i) transformational dynamism of civil society organizations; (ii) regulations effectively limiting disruptive effects of platform firms; (iii) policies facilitating new patterns of value creation through genuine sharing. The combination of SD and Agent Base Modelling may improve the effectiveness of analysing agency as complex interplay among “high-order, nonlinear, feedback systems” and actors who’s interactions cocreate them. Such dynamic hybrids may enhance the effectiveness of modelling feedbacks among the civil society entities’ transformational dynamism and legislative and policy processes. Models may contribute to regulations limiting disruptive effects of platform firms and to policies enhancing alternative patterns of value creation in genuninely sharing economy similar to platform cooperativism and Commons Based Peer Production.

Added May 15, 2020