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One effort made by Unsoed to support its development is by achieving the organizational vision set for 2034. The vision is “Globally recognized university in the sustainable rural development and local wisdoms.”

To achieve its vision, Jenderal Soedirman University has the following missions:

  1. Providing high quality educational processes that will successfully produce graduates who have moral responsibilities, academic and professional competences; competitive quality; good leadership and entrepreneurship/techno-preneurship skills; abilities to identify and solve problems; and innovative capability especially rural skills to develop the countryside and the local wisdom.
  2. Implementing research-based technology transfer which is relevant to the countryside and local wisdom improvement as an effort to support the national and regional development programs.
  3. Developing an autonomous, transparent, accountable, and meritocratic high education management.
  4. Establishing regional, national and international partnerships to develop and implement science, technology, and arts.
Added May 13, 2020