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Lucky for us, the possibilities to transform capitalism and to create a more inclusive economy that operates in better harmony with social and ecological systems is already being developed. In my new book, “Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship,” I attempt to shine the light on the growing movement of alternative organizing occurring around the globe. I consider this the Occupy Movement 2.0. Instead of merely protesting about banks too big to fail, corruption, income inequality, and corporate impacts on climate change and loss of biodiversity, we are now observing droves of innovators collaborating, often with the aid of new distributed technologies, to challenge the failures of capitalism with new models.

The table here lays out some of the foundational arguments in the book about what is wrong with neoliberal capitalism, what frameworks are emerging to counteract them, what types of entrepreneurial organizing have emerged to challenge our traditional thinking about entrepreneurship, and what types of values and mindsets can be observed from these paradigm-challenging innovators. Obviously, there is insufficient space here to summarize in detail the table, but for now I will quickly introduce the types of alternative organizing I have observed through interviewing hundreds of post-capitalist entrepreneurs over the past few years.

Added October 11, 2019