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Co-operative model could mark a new blockchain-based iteration of the sharing economy

One of the phrases most commonly touted by blockchain developers is “decentralization.” The team behind Eva, “a co-operative ride-sharing application” built on the EOSIO blockchain protocol, are certainly enthusiastic about that concept. But there’s another guiding principle that seems just as fundamental to Eva and that is “localization.”

Raphaël Gaudreault, Eva’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, explains how localization came to take center stage. “In late 2017, Uber threatened the government of Quebec, Canada, with leaving the province if its rules were not relaxed,” he says. Along with Dardan Isufi, a fellow student of Software Engineering and Political Science who is now Eva’s Chief Optimization Officer, he began pondering the issue. They came to the conclusion that “traditional ride-sharing companies aggregate the economy at cities’ expense and disregard local regulations.”

Added April 20, 2020