Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


Think.COOP is a low-cost, easy to use tool for those interested in establishing or joining a cooperative. It draws on technical content from existing materials from different ILO cooperative training tools on the basics of cooperatives. It also uses a peer-to-peer, activity-based learning methodology from the ILO’s Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) programme. Think.Coop package contains: a training guide, a facilitator’s guide and two power point presentations that can be used for training of facilitators and direct beneficiaries.

The style of this training is different from traditional approaches. You will work together as a team to follow the simple step- by-step instructions for discussions and activities in your training guide. A facilitator will be around to assist with any questions on the training content and exercises. Because there is no group leader, all group members should take a turn reading the information and instructions out loud to the group, and all group members share responsibility for monitoring time. In this new style of training, you will learn from each other by sharing ideas and opinions, skills, knowledge and experience. For this to work, all group members must participate in discussion

Added March 19, 2020