Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


In this podcast episode, Dr Trebor Scholz discusses the nature and importance of platform cooperatives and the platform cooperativism movement. He explains what platform cooperatives are, how they are governed democratically, started, funded, and scaled up through federation, and how they might utilize technologies such as blockchain. He also discusses what the platform cooperativism movement is and how it is being advanced such as through engaging cooperative law policymakers. Finally, he discusses platform cooperatives’ role as a social good – as a support for low-wage or gig industries and their workers, setting where the politically disenfranchised working class can have a voice in the government of their lives, and seed for the emergence of a post-capitalist economy – and how they can grow in that role by using the help of unions or working with municipalities. Throughout, he provides numerous examples of specific platform cooperatives he has worked with from around the world.

Added August 2, 2023