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About the Book:
The Practitioner’s Guide to Colorado Business Organizations was conceived and organized to offer a valuable resource for business law practitioners, who also must deal in such calculation and foresight in order to provide effective counsel to their clients.
The Third Edition of the Guide has been reorganized; existing chapters have been updated, and four new chapters have been added:
– Chapter 21, “Corporate Governance and Fiduciary Duties,”
– Chapter 24, “Insurance Coverage,”
– Chapter 29, “Maintenance, Ongoing Review, and Conducting Business Reviews,”
– and Chapter 34, “Non-competition, Nonsolicitation, and Confidentiality Agreements.”
Like the law itself, this Guide is a work in progress, expanding and contracting as suits the ever-evolving needs and practices of the legal practitioners it serves. For that reason, we have reserved chapters for new topics to include in our annual supplements and future revised editions.
Added October 11, 2019