Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


The purpose of this blog is to discuss a range of developments that the author believes have potential to help U.S.  (and possibly global) political, economic, healthcare, education and media systems evolve toward more peaceful, sustainable and broadly & equitably beneficial functionality.

Though part of the discussion will highlight problems and shortcomings in current systems and the way they function, the focus will be more on positive changes that have been and can be made to improve that functionality.

The title of the blog can be read to reflect two different but closely related meanings: one focuses on the evolution of human systems in the directions noted above.  The second reading of the title emphasizes system development by “evolving humans.”  To me, these two meanings really describe the same process.  But I also believe that, if we neglect the “evolving human” component (individually and collectively), our chances for “evolving” our systems to deal with the challenges we face will be greatly diminished.

Added April 23, 2020