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“If this place is so good for women,” I thought, “then why are there only 4 of us on a team of 12 people?”

Spoiler alert: I love coops.

I do more than just love them, in fact. I believe they can be something of a revolutionary tool for the greater good. Coops have democracy and horizontal decision making processes encased in their DNA. They generally have strong community values and believe in transparency. In a coop, technically, everybody has a voice. And while none of them are perfect, of course, the fact that democracy is so central to the making of a coop generally means that if somebody brings up an important issue – say, oppression – then it cannot be swept under the rug.

When it comes to the world of tech, where inclusivity is still a fight to be fought, I think worker coops can be a powerful weapon.

Added October 11, 2019