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  • Different Forms of Decentralization

    topic: Public Policy
    topic: New Business Forms
    +3 more
    Added 2 kesäkuun, 2020
  • Competition Policy for the Digital Era

    topic: Platform Capitalism
    topic: Platforms
    +12 more
    Added 15 toukokuun, 2020
  • Degrees of Freedom, Dimensions of Power

    topic: Platform Capitalism
    topic: Democratic Ownership
    +8 more
    Added 29 toukokuun, 2020
  • vTaiwan: An Empirical Study of Open Consultation Process in Taiwan

    topic: Platforms
    topic: Public Policy
    +2 more
    Added 30 huhtikuun, 2020
  • The Case Against Sharing

    topic: Platform Capitalism
    topic: Gig Economy
    +3 more
    Added 11 lokakuun, 2019
  • Manifesto – In The Mesh Magazine

    topic: Cooperative Best Practices
    topic: Worker Power
    +4 more
    Added 1 toukokuun, 2020
  • Guide to Co-Design

    topic: Digital Cities
    topic: Advocacy
    +6 more
    Added 14 toukokuun, 2020
  • Self-Sovereign Id

    topic: Data
    topic: Decentralized Internet
    +2 more
    Added 7 tammikuun, 2021
  • If I Only Had a Heart: A DisCO Manifesto

    topic: Cooperative Movement
    topic: Platform Cooperativism
    +11 more
    Added 24 kesäkuun, 2020