Platform Cooperativism Resource Library


The trains stop at the platform of the station (Platform), carrying passengers to a new journey; the development of the digital technology platform (Platform) is also a constantly updating process. Platform resources have been manipulated by large enterprises in the past. It is time for us to regain the right to speak in a new mode-through the Platform Cooperativism, to apply to the online platform in a mass cooperation mode, and to practice joint management and shared resources.

The platform in our eyes is a digital technology platform, a neighborhood mutual aid network, and traditional community organizations; as long as it can connect individuals into communities and promote social development through joint management and production resources, it is a platform.

As a Hong Kong member of the Global Platform Cooperation Movement Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC) ↗ , we hope to provide simple reference examples and methods through this website to help you regain control of the platform and promote community cooperation and sharing by means of new and old platforms. In addition, we will introduce publications and a series of exchange activities to introduce the development of the cooperative platform locally and in various countries, and explore ways to create a true sharing economy.

Added May 13, 2020