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Mike Cook (Stocksy United) at Who Owns the World Conference, convened by the Platform Cooperativism Consortium at The New School in November 2019. Mike is a speaker for the Owning Our Power: Young Lions of the Co-op Movement event.

About the event: We are proud to showcase a combination of some of the most inspiring projects that have recently launched, and others that have distinctly proven themselves over the past few years. We will hear about strategies for capitalization, franchisement of the co-op model, the encouragement and facilitation of democratic governance among distributed producers, collaboration with unions, technological innovations relying on blockchain, and revenue sharing in the community. In quick succession, presenters will offer you an overview of how they are collectively making cooperative interventions across a range of sectors. Learn from these pioneers.

CEO of Stocksy United, a platform co-op created by and for artists. Michael brings his years in the stock industry at iStockphoto and Getty Images, flavored with start-up operational experience in another market, to Stocksy. His focus is on working with the incredible team at Stocksy to deliver exceptional products and services while living up to the principles and values that are the DNA of the company – dedication to the co-op ideals the company was founded upon, communication up and down, transparency in action, and responsibility for results.

Added April 21, 2020